Vision, from Generali Worldwide, is a regular premium, unit-linked, whole of life, life assurance product providing financial planning and retirement / pension options.


Our award-winning Generali Vision product is designed to help build your retirement plan or your long-term investment portfolio to meet your future financial needs and to evolve to meet changing needs throughout your life.


When you take the time to contemplate your future, what do you see? A comfortable and fulfilling retirement, your children enjoying the best education that money can buy or simply the satisfaction of knowing that your financial future is secure?


Whatever you plan for your future, it is almost certain that you will need financial resources available at the right time to be able to achieve the things you want. What you also need is a flexible investment solution that will help turn your financial hopes for the future into reality.



Vision in action


Family Values

We all have plans to provide for our children's future including their education, wedding and perhaps their first step on the property ladder. To fulfill these ambitions you need to seize the initiative and take charge of your financial future. Effective financial planning is key to ensure that the commitment you make today can reap the maximum rewards in the future. And, the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy being in control of your own financial destiny.

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Your Retirement / Pension Plan


Having sufficient retirement savings to provide a secure income for retirement is a key financial planning priority for most people, even more so today when people are spending longer in retirement and state support is in decline. Regular saving through Vision is an effective and efficient solution.



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