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As a parent, you naturally want to give your children the best start in life. Effective and timely financial planning can help you give your children a flying start and a versatile investment plan like Choice can provide the investment platform to help fund your children's ambitions.


Name: David Robertson

Age: 45

Marital Status: Married

Dependants: Wife Erica (45), son George (22) and daughter Catherine (19)



Investment Product: Generali Choice



How Generali Choice can help:

David and Erica had the foresight to plan for the financing of their children's education by investing in Generali Choice a number of years ago. Payments from this helped them to pay for their children's secondary education at international schools in Dubai, where David has enjoyed a posting as an Operations Director in a logistics firm. By keeping the plan, and investing more into it, they are also able to pay for both children to attend university.


George is nearly half way through a master's degree at St Andrews University and is likely to stay in the UK when he finishes in a couple of years. Catherine has just started a degree at Warwick, after spending a gap year travelling through Europe.


David and Erica enjoy a good income and they have accumulated a lump sum over recent years, as well as making regular contributions to their pension plans. As they have no immediate need for the lump sum they have decided that they want to invest the money to help their children in the future either to get their first step on the property ladder or to provide the funds for when they marry.


Their existing Generali Choice plan allows them to invest the money that they have set aside and enjoy the growth potential of the underlying investments until the time comes to call on those funds. Generali Choice doesn't have a fixed maturity period and partial surrenders* mean that they can carefully access the money at a time that suits them, their investment exposure and children the best.


* Early surrender penalties may apply.



Please note: The information in this case study is for information and illustrative purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Generali Choice Terms and Conditions must be read along with the full Product Brochure and Details Guide and advice sought from your Financial Adviser before any investment decision is made.



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