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If you are leaving a corporate/group pension or savings plan, Momentum is for you. This plan is designed to provide a continuation option, so that when you leave your group plan, you can simply transfer the assets into an individual plan and continue to save.


This product would also be an option even if you are not already a client of Generali Worldwide’s but have a lump sum to invest.



Key Benefits

Continuity: We can make a seamless transition of your assets from your group plan to an individual plan.

Portability: You can continue to save for your future needs wherever your career takes you.

Consolidate: You can bring together all of your international assets from various contracts into one account.

Flexibility: Freedom to start/stop contributions and to have access to your funds when you need them.



Case Study

NGO Worker
Chris has spent the last 15 years working for various NGOs all over the world. His contracts vary from 2 to 7 years and some of the organisations that he has worked for have savings plans and others do not. When he left the organisation he had to take his money and he wanted to keep it international until he decided where and when he wanted to settle. Luckily, one of his employers had a Generali Worldwide plan and so he was able to transfer his account out of his employer’s plan and into an individual one called Momentum.


As he is always on the move, he has now moved his other international savings into the Momentum plan so that everything is in one place, cost effective and easy to manage. He has his own account executive, Nicola, who is there to help him if he needs it and if he wants to check his account he can quickly use his Generali Worldwide iPhone App.


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