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Securing an adequate income in retirement remains an essential priority for most expatriate employees. With greater mobility, increased life expectancy and the drawing back of state benefits, it has become more important for companies to provide savings and retirement benefit plans that can give them the edge in an increasingly competitive employment market, particularly when attracting expatriates.


Defined Benefits




These plans, also known as ‘Final Salary Schemes’, have a guaranteed retirement benefit based on the final salary and length of service of an employee. The responsibility for funding and meeting the guaranteed benefit is the employer’s.


Defined Contributions




Defined Contribution Plans, also known as ‘Money Purchase Plans’, have a variable retirement benefit, based on the contributions paid into the plan each year and the associated investment returns. The investment risk/benefit is wholly borne by the employee and, therefore, the employer’s liability is fixed to the agreed contribution rates.


 Plans for Individuals



Generali Worldwide offers a huge range of investment and savings options for individuals. From continuation option Momentum, and specialised saving options Infinity.


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