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Guaranteed Return Funds Range


A range of funds that offer Investors an annual guaranteed minimum return on their investment. The range currently consists of the Deposit Administration Funds.

There are three Deposit Administration Funds denominated in US Dollar, Euro and Sterling. Generali is the Fund Manager.

The Deposit Administration Funds aim to provide capital protection and a smoothed investment return through annual guaranteed interest. The Funds also offer annual bonus interest awards.

The Funds pool Investor’s contributions and use them to buy a range of investments that meet the Funds’ objectives, however, the performance of the Funds are not necessarily linked to the performance of those underlying assets.

A Declared Rate for each currency Fund is announced by Generali, separately around the 31 December each year. The Declared Rate reflects the Fund’s financial strength, smoothing of the past and current performance of the underlying assets and the future investment outlook, and the sustainability of the returns offered by the Fund. The Declared rate determines the level of the annual bonus awards.

A ‘Market Value Adjustment’ may be applied to withdrawals from the Funds, in times of exceptional market conditions. The adjustment aims to protect the interest of the remaining policyholders. There are strict guidelines surrounding when Generali can apply a Market Value Adjustment.

Detailed information on the Deposit Administration Funds, new business guarantee rates and historic Declared Rate performance data is available, to view:


For the current list of funds available click here.


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