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Fund Performance


The following table shows the Generali Worldwide fund performance which is updated after the end of each calendar month.


Please note:

Currency Risk: Please note that each fund, within your Member Account, is denominated in the same currency as your contribution. If there is a difference between the currency in which your contributions are denominated and the currency of the underlying assets held by the fund, then you will face a currency risk. The currency risk is such that the investment value will fluctuate either up or down if there are changes in the exchange rates. This risk is in addition to changes in the actual performance of the investments within the fund.


Performance is the percentage change in bid price with gross income reinvested.


Monthly Performance Statistics as at 30th April 2018


Fund NameBase Ccy3 Mths %1 Yrs %3 Yrs %5 Yrs %
low risk
GW US Dollar ReserveUSD0.080.441.422.19
GW Euro ReserveEUR-0.04-0.32-0.500.11
GW Sterling ReserveGBP0.00-0.100.952.67
medium low risk
GW Sterling BondGBP-0.16-0.906.120.00
GW European BondEUR0.210.160.830.00
GW American BondUSD-1.41-0.583.080.00
medium risk
GW Global Strategic BondUSD-1.653.515.544.90
GW JP Morgan European EquityEUR-3.322.453.5652.72
GW Fidelity AmericaUSD-6.896.2217.5969.79
GW International EquityUSD-7.8611.1817.2950.45
GW M&G Recovery UK EquityGBP-3.354.0314.7524.13
GW HSBC FTSE All-Share IndexGBP-0.887.2719.1842.52
GW M&G Property GBP1.616.837.7136.22
GW Schroders Japanese EquityUSD-6.2423.0527.4843.55
GW Schroders UK EquityGBP1.126.1817.6150.48
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) GBPGBP-0.776.6822.0746.09
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) USDUSD-4.4910.720.000.00
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) EUREUR-
GW iShares S&P 500USD-6.1213.4431.110.00
GW iShares MSCI WorldUSD-5.9013.1818.900.00
GW iShares MSCI Europe ex UKEUR-3.691.333.350.00
GW iShares Dow Jones Global SustainabilityUSD-5.5014.1418.940.00
GW iShares MSCI JapanUSD-4.9019.200.000.00
GW iShares UK FTSE 100GBP-0.867.950.000.00
medium high risk
GW JP Morgan Pacific Equity FundUSD-6.7022.2832.8555.51
GW Fidelity Global PropertyUSD-2.495.703.6217.40
GW iShares MSCI Pacific ex JapanUSD-5.7610.1811.280.00
GW iShares MSCI World Islamic USD-5.3711.5715.430.00
GW iShares MSCI Emerging Markets USD-8.7220.330.000.00
high risk
GW JP Morgan Emerging MarketsUSD-10.3419.7025.4325.63
GW Fidelity Emerging Markets DebtUSD-2.231.7311.5915.94
GW JP Morgan US Small Cap Growth FundUSD-0.0429.3143.4295.16
GW BGF World MiningUSD-6.8124.3417.33-12.91
GW Templeton BRICUSD-12.3123.5522.9431.18
GW iShares Physical GoldUSD-2.433.869.500.00
GW Schroders ISF Asian OpportunitiesUSD-8.2322.3739.130.00
GW JPMorgan Latin AmericaUSD-7.8315.3114.080.00
GW Fidelity Emerging EMEAUSD-9.4115.8812.460.00
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return Fund EUREUR-2.59-
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return Fund GBPGBP-2.34-2.490.000.00
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return Fund USDUSD-1.98-

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