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Current Fund Prices

Unit Price as at 18th May 2018


GW Reserve20.35217.9057.526
medium low
GW European Bond7.73810.4338.853
GW Sterling Bond15.32120.65617.528
GW American Bond7.95010.7189.095
GW Schroders UK Equity43.22358.27449.450
GW JPMorgan European Equity 15.45020.83017.676
GW Schroders Japanese Equity9.45712.75010.819
GW International Equity48.49865.38655.487
GW Global Strategic Bond8.62811.6339.871
GW Fidelity America13.95918.8215.970
GW M&G Property14.35419.35216.422
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) EURN/AN/A11.268
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) USDN/A12.151N/A
GW Outcome Strategy Fund (inflation target +3%) GBP17.48423.57220.003
GW iShares MSCI Europe ex UK13.01717.54914.892
GW iShares MSCI World11.01114.84512.597
GW iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability10.51914.18212.034
GW iShares MSCI Japan 9.36112.62110.710
GW iShares MSCI UK FTSE 100 12.43616.76614.228
GW HSBC FTSE All-Share Index18.03524.31520.633
GW M&G Recovery Fund 12.12416.34613.871
medium high risk
GW iShares World Islamic 11.92416.07613.642
GW JPMorgan Pacific Equity24.10132.49327.573
GW iShares MSCI Pacific ex Japan9.52912.84710.902
GW iShares S&P 50012.86717.34714.72
GW JPMorgan US Small Cap Growth64.74987.29674.077
GW JPMorgan Emerging Markets 22.96330.95926.271
GW Templeton BRIC8.81711.88710.087
GW BGF World Mining5.2387.0625.993
GW Fidelity Emerging Markets Debt10.81314.57812.37
GW Fidelity Global Property13.58718.31815.544
GW iShares Physical Gold6.6388.9497.594
GW Fidelity EMEA8.01310.8039.167
GW JPMorgan Latin America6.5438.8227.486
GW Schroder ISF Asian Opportunities 12.58116.96214.393
GW iShares MSCI Emerging Markets8.34511.2519.547
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return EURN/AN/A9.954
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return GBP10.170N/AN/A
GW Invesco Global Targeted Return USDN/A10.360N/A
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