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Bond Fund Range

The range provides a comprehensive choice of bond Funds of varying risk profies. Funds are only admitted following a rigorous selection process and are regularly monitored to ensure the highest standards are met. Some of the Funds are managed by Generali and some by external Fund Managers.


The range currently consists of:

  • The Reserve Funds – Low risk Funds with a maximum duration of 3 years. The objective of these Funds are to outperform cash. These Funds invest in a mix of Bank deposits, Money Market Funds and Bonds. Three Funds area available denominated in Sterling, Euro and US Dollars.
  • GW Global Strategic Bond Fund - A medium risk fund which contains a multi-currency exposure. The fund is US Dollar denominated.
  • Medium Term Bond funds - A range of country specific bond funds in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros which vary in duration between 5 and 10 years.
  • GW Fidelity Emerging Markets Debt Fund – A higher risk/return bond fund which invests in global emerging markets debt securities. The fund is denominated in US Dollars.

    For the current list of funds available click here.

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