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International Programmes



Generali Worldwide works closely with the Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) network, which provides a broad range of services including life, health and pension benefits for employees of multinational corporations. GEB offers an effective approach to global employee benefits management which includes ‘multinational pooling’ and ‘reinsurance to a captive company’. By providing employee benefits on a worldwide basis, and combining risk experience, the GEB network can often generate significant savings.


Multinational pooling


Generali Worldwide’s Life & Disability plans may benefit from ‘multinational pooling’. This is an effective way for companies to enjoy potential financial savings while managing employee benefits’ risks worldwide.


‘Multinational pooling’ allows multinational companies to benefit from the combined purchasing of risk benefits internationally. Multinational companies combine employee benefit insurance contracts, established in various countries, into one unique ‘multinational pool’ for the purposes of experience rating.


A ‘pool’ is set up between the company’s HO and Generali and involves no extra-costs and no penalties in case of cancellation. Moreover, there is no disruption at local level, since the local schemes are not affected and local contracts are issued in accordance to local laws and regulations.


The main advantages of pooling are:


  • A better coordination of employee benefits plans, through the centralised overview of local benefits schemes and the access to international expertise.
  • A constant flow of information back to the company HO through a unique interface.
  • A close control on local costs, allowing an economy of scale where dividends are paid back in case of favourable claims patterns and the local premium margins are reduced, therefore delivering substantial savings in the benefits’ costs.
  • The possibility to benefit from more flexible local underwriting conditions.


Reinsurance to a captive company


All risk plans on offer are also eligible for ‘reinsurance to a captive company’. Through the GEB network, Generali Worldwide can offer a full range of ‘reinsurance to a captive company’ arrangements, using these to help maximise financial advantages and to manage employee benefits risks worldwide.


There is an increased interest for large corporations to explore the possibility of using their own captives to insure employee benefits risk. Reinsurance to captive is the ultimate multinational arrangement that the customer can opt for. Local contracts are insured with our local network subsidiaries and then partially or fully reinsured to the captive insurer which is an insurance company set up and owned by the employer’s parent company to finance the employee benefit risk.


Having entered this field more than a decade ago, having put in a major organisational effort in such an innovative field and having accumulated lots of experience in servicing the largest corporations in the world, GEB has today become a reference point of the international market in this line of business.


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