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Additional Covers


Depending on an employee’s needs, the following valuable covers are available to ensure that both the company’s employees and their dependants are well protected.


Spouse’s and Orphans’ Pension

This cover provides valuable financial support to an employee’s family should they die while in employment. Their family will not be left to deal with the financial demands of everyday life on their own as this cover provides a guaranteed regular income for both the employee’s spouse and their children. Income is normally paid for the lifetime of the spouse.


Critical Illness


With the escalating costs of both healthcare and specialist treatments, dealing with a serious illness can be financially draining. Critical Illness cover is the most effective protection against these costs as it provides a lump sum to employees on diagnosis of certain illnesses or conditions.


Accidental Death


Employers constantly strive to make their employee’s working environment as safe as possible, but some unfortunate circumstances remain that cannot be foreseen or prevented. Added protection can, however, provide the reassurance that an employee’s dependants will receive a lump sum payment should the employee die as a result of an accident while in employment.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment


In the unfortunate event of an employee suffering accidental dismemberment, or the loss of use of a limb, this cover provides the employee with a lump sum payment to help take the financial strain off trying to deal with the loss. Benefit is provided on a scale basis, which determines the amount paid depending on the level of injury sustained.

Waiver of Premium


In the event of an employee’s long term disability, there may be a period of absence from work where life cover premiums or pension contributions would no longer be paid by the employer. Waiver of Premium cover can be purchased to ensure that premiums are paid during disability so that there is no loss of benefits to the employee, allowing them to focus on recovering and returning to work.


Covers for Spouse


Generali Worldwide can also offer life and disability covers for spouses under an employer sponsored plan.


Voluntary Covers


Our products may be available under an optional plan, please contact us for more details.


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