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The following links will give you access to different databases that will help you to locate the doctor and/or hospital best suited to your needs.



Review your policy with regards to In-Network and Out-of-Network coverage, there is a significant difference in coverage amounts that you should be aware of.



Generali Advantage Network – Cayman


To maximise your cover, we have established a focused network of highly regarded doctors and hospitals called the Generali Advantage Network – Cayman. This carefully selected Network includes several leading specialist hospitals in the region and doctors who are associated with those facilities. Because we have negotiated special pricing at these hospitals, you receive the highest level of care at the lowest out-of-pocket expenses to you, enabling us to offer you the highest level of cover.


Click here to search the Generali Advantage Network – Cayman.



Generali’s Additional Providers


For World Choice Plan members ONLY


In addition to the Generali Advantage Network – Cayman, Generali Worldwide has access to direct payment arrangements with more than 550,000+ providers throughout the United States. This comprehensive network of physicians, hospitals and other facilities includes 3,200 acute care hospitals across all 50 states and 150+ of the nation’s 210 Medical Centers of Excellence.


It is important to note, however, that these providers are applicable only to members who have the World Choice Plan and that care received at these facilities may represent an increase of out of pocket expense to you than care received at a Generali Advantage Network – Cayman facility. Please contact the local office if you have any queries.


Click here to search Generali’s Additional Network of Doctors/Hospitals.



Generali Worldwide’s Global Provider Relationships


Generali Worldwide also has relationships with over 2,000,000 doctors, practice locations, hospitals and clinics in more than 200 countries around the world, many of which include direct payment agreements.


For more information on doctors, hospitals and other facilities in countries outside the US or the Cayman Islands, please use the following contacts:

Toll free from North America & Cayman: 1-877-618-7016

Non toll free: +1 905- 669-7353

Fax: +1 905-669-2524

Dedicated email box – click here



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