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Your Health, It's A Journey, Not A Destination

Your Health – It’s a Journey, Not a Destination


Many of us aspire to lead healthier lives but achieving optimum wellbeing is about more than just dropping a few pounds or running an extra mile.


By exploring how everyday lifestyle choices affect our overall wellness, it’s possible to make simple changes that actively improve every aspect of daily life.


Make A Long-Term Commitment

Diet may be an obvious example but healthy eating can have a marked effect on both physical and mental health. Fuelling the body with healthy, nutritious food not only helps to increase workplace productivity and reduce stress but it can also provide the energy boost needed to sustain a hectic lifestyle.


Regular, simple changes can make a huge difference to your health. Switching from high-calorie snacks such as cakes, biscuits and crisps to healthier alternatives like dried fruit and nuts is a good example. Remember to stay hydrated and, if you are a regular drinker, try and accommodate two or three alcohol-free days a week. Reducing your red meat intake and ensuring you hit your five-a-day fruit and veg quota are other, easy ways you can make a difference.


Achieve Your Physical Best

Matching a healthy diet with regular physical activity is another step in the right direction. In addition to aiding weight loss and improving fitness levels, regular exercise can dramatically improve mental wellbeing.


Much research has been done on the benefits of undertaking more sociable sports. Team activities have the triple advantage of increasing your friendship circle and keeping you motivated while also boosting the all-important endorphins that trigger happiness and relieve stress. Whatever your lifestyle, make activity part of your daily schedule; start a lunchtime walking group with colleagues, launch an early-morning swimming group or buddy up with a friend for evening cycle rides. If you’re worried about staying motivated, think about entering an event or competition that gives your training a goal. Achieving peak physical fitness doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a fulfilling part of everyday life that means we’re better equipped to deal with daily challenges on every level.


Be Kind To Yourself

Recognising both our strengths and weaknesses is key to improving wellbeing. It’s impossible to excel in every area of our lives – and to try would be exhausting – but focusing on our positive attributes and skills is key to achieving success.


Similarly, it’s important to recognise when we’re struggling, either physically or emotionally. It’s easy to ignore the warning signs that tell us to ease up, particularly when time is at a premium, but overlooking a niggling pain or mounting stress can lead to long-term problems that will be harder to overcome. 


Achieving health harmony doesn’t mean setting impossible challenges. It’s about recognising the simple changes that you need to make to improve your lifestyle – and taking action! It’s a constant balancing act but it can be an enjoyable process that results in rewards and success in every area of your life.

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